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MYWAY/INOKIM is a pioneering company which created the ‘last mile solution’ for commuting: the concept of dividing commuting into two stages, whereby long distances are covered by traditional transportation such as trains and cars, and crowded urban environments are navigated via personal mobility tools such as electric scooters.

MYWAY annually invests 30% of its profits on research and development to bring cutting edge technology into its designs, making our products the leaders in the market.


INOKIM is the brainchild of the award winning designer Nimrod Riccardo Sapir.

Nimrod is an inventor, product designer & developer, as well as entrepreneur who has taken this remarkable product to its position as a leading brand with a global following.


To reduce car consumption in urban environments.
To offer an alternative solution of personal light transportation for short distances. One that saves time and is green, effective, sweat-free and fun.


“I always looked for ways to get there faster, how to leave the latest I could to arrive in time for a meeting … I always had bicycles, motorbikes, rollerblades, skateboards … MYWAY is the development of my love for a solution for true transportation. Anyone can take it and use it anywhere. I even took INOKIM with me on overseas trips.” ~

From MYWAY to INOKIM – A Continuing Journey of Success