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Built in Front & Rear Lights
– Improved Folding handlebar
– Performance Upgrade
– Throttle with LCD display
– Integral carry handle
– Exciting new colors
– Longer travel range option
– Auto power-off when braking
– Easier maintenance and service

Improved Folding handlebar:

The new INOKIM QUICK 3 (2017) handle bar takes after the INOKIM Light, designed for an easy-fold while minimizing free-play. The new handlebar maintains the same ergonomic curved feature of the original MYWAY to provide the most comfortable ride, but is longer to provide even greater stability and comfort to your ride.


Built in Front & Rear Lights:

The INOKIM Quick 3 (2017) features bigger and stronger front and rear lights. Perfect for night riders, the lights can be kept on with a hold of the ‘+’ button, and flicker automatically to signal a brake. This makes it easy for fellow riders and pedestrians to identify you in the dark.

Performance Upgrade:

The upgrade to a 400W motor really kicks things up a notch. Not only do we see an improvement in the initial pick-up, a more powerful motor also means the ability to tackle tougher slopes.


Color variety:

Exciting new variety of colors to choose from