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New features Quick 2:

- New throttle with LCD display
- Folding handlebar
- Integral carry handle
- Exciting new colors
- Longer travel range option
- Auto power-off when braking
- Easier maintenance and service

New throttle with LCD display:

A beautifully designed electronic throttle with an LCD, provides information about travel speed, distance, more accurate battery status as well as other information: accurate speed, speed mode, accurate battery status, ODO, Trip, cruise control system, background light at night, automatic power-off.


Folding handlebar:

By designing the handlebar to fold, solves the problem of it protruding whilst the scooter is being carried or stored. It also means that INOKIM is even more compact.


Integral carry handle:

This great solution makes it even easier to carry the INOKIM in a folded or open position, particularly when going up or down a small flight of stairs or when simply moving it from place to place.


Color variety:

Exciting new variety of colors to choose from.